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Hyaluronic Acid is a natural structural component of the skin, and is present in connective tissue throughout the human body. It has been well documented that newborn skin contains large amounts of HA and that it decreases as we age.  Therefore, a practical way to recapture youth is by applying pure HA topically to revitalize the damaged and decreased HA content of the skin. It penetrates the skin’s upper layers to improve and benefit the skin.

  1. Hyaluronic acid molecules have a unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times their weight in water…thus HA is a hydration agent to your skin.
  2. HA firms, plumps and smooths skin for a younger, fresher, more radiant look and feel.
  3. HA penetrates the skin’s layers better and restores natural and youthful elasticity to the skin.
  4. HA can be used for post laser treatments, post peels, and sunburns.
  5. HA is fantastic for itchy, flaky red skin that gets red and is scaly and dry.
  6. HA also provides antioxidant defense against free-radical damage and reduces inflammation. 

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