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  • Easy to Make Healthy Drinks

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    Many of us are trying hard to eat and drink healthier and to become more fit in the New Year.  We are looking for ways to satisfy our thirst with something more than just water.  Normally, we drink diet soda instead of the regular sodas.   But, do you really realize how unhealthy these sodas are for you…even the sugar-free sodas? If you are looking for some good, healthy drinks that are good for you and easy to make, then you don’t have to look any further.

    Water with a twist

    Water isn’t always the most exciting thing that you can drink, but how about “water with a twist”?   This isn’t the normal water that you can buy in the shops that is flavored water and has some sugar added. This is natural, homemade water that everyone can make. Mash fresh fruit and your favorite herbs in a glass. You can use any kind of fruit that you can find, or that you really like to eat.  You put the mashed fruit in the bottom of your glass.  Then, you top off the glass with cold water and ice.  You can use any type of water, from tap water to bottled water or tonic water.


    Iced tea

    Seems like everyone likes the flavor of iced tea…kind of like your Grandma used to make!  You don’t have to buy the bottled ice tea in the stores to get that homemade iced tea flavor.  In fact, it will be much better made from scratch in your own kitchen.  You make your normal tea, let it cool, then add sugar, stevia or honey to sweeten to taste…however…try to go light on the sugar.  Using green tea instead of regular tea would be an even better and healthier option for your drinking pleasure.  If you want a little pizzazz…use fizzy water instead of the normal tap or bottled water.

    Iced coffee

    Who would have thought that you can make a delicious iced coffee at home, and know that you’re drinking a good healthy drink?  Iced coffee is delicious and there are many different varieties of coffee available in the stores that you can turn into iced coffee. You can also just drink black coffee with honey over ice, or you can add cold milk, soy or low-fat whip cream with the iced coffee. To keep it healthier, don’t add sugar and make sure that the milk you are using is also low-fat milk.


    You don’t have to just drink boring, cold water when you’re watching calories and trying to stay fit. There are delicious alternatives that are available that will be tasty AND healthy at the same time.  Try the drinks I have listed above, or use your imagination…go a little crazy, and put together some drinks with the ingredients that you love!    But, remember…you should always prepare it the healthiest way possible, without too much sugar and maybe little honey for a sweeter taste.


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